Implement Agile in your company on your own pace 

Tried implementing Agile but no results ?

Need to build a delivery process for your company ?

Your team needs to start their learning journey to be a self organizing team

The ones who have enough experience are expensive , others still need guidance ?

In this program we will guide you through our proven coaching strategy to implement agile for your company .

The program includes:

  • Company Assessment
  • Access to online trainings
  • Agile implementation Plan
  • Coaching Follow-up Sessions

Program Cost

350$ per month

Program Duration

6 months

Program Execution

Online Sessions

*Execution Details and cost may vary as per the assessment

Program Phases

Phase  0 : Assessment 

Phase 1 : Consistent Increment Delivery

Phase 2 : Requirements Efficiency

Phase 3: Estimates

Phase 4: Agile Culture

Phase 5 : Stabilizing 

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Agile Guidance Program

Agile Guidance Program