HI, I’M Mona

My passion is using agility as a growth catalyst.

I help companies figure out how to use agility as a tool to grow both their businesses and teams and has a solid record of working with fast-growing startups and SMEs.

Believing that people are the main driver of success, I focus on coaching about the agile mindset and necessary knowledge to helps teams and individuals grow through agility.

My journey with Agile started by working as a scrum master in ITWORX education, then for the past years, I have taught more than 3000 students both online and offline and coached more than 10 companies on the agile application on real projects achieving successful delivery with teams. 

I cofounded of Agile Arena as an Agile coach who is working on building agile teams to work on complex projects effectively
Before that, I had more than 10 years of experience in the software industry starting as a developer to a team leader, then a project leader and Scrum Master.


I worked with several companies in adopting agile with their teams through the following offerings

  • Training workshops for teams
  • Hands-on coaching on projects
  • Team coaching for the agile culture
  • Coaching Scrum Masters
  • Coaching Leaders about how to lead agile teams

Agile Mindset Transformation


Scrum Implementation


Agile Team culture coaching


Scaling Agile



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