Applied Agile Coaching Program for Companies

Implementing Agile the agile way

Tried implementing Agile but no results ?
Need to build a delivery process for your company ?
Your team needs to start their learning journey to be a mature agile team?

In this program you will implement agile in your own work , and we will guide you through our coaching framework , The “Applied Agile Framework AAF”

Our Applied Agile Framework AAF  is a proven result oriented method to implement agile in companies.
which enables us to :

  • Deliver quick results
  • Not imposing too much changes and discomfort to the team and business flow.
  • Focus on 80/20 rule , work on the actions that makes high difference.

Program Outcomes

    • Overcoming company problems and pains with an actionable plan
    • Implementing Agile in your company on a customized pace.
    • Increase team maturity in working together and handling work challenges.
    • Increasing team knowledge and experience about agile practices.

Applied Agile Framework

Get more details about the program phases and execution details

Program Cost

Determined per team size and assessment

Program Duration

12 to 18 months according to assessment

Program Execution

Online Sessions

*Execution Details and cost may vary as per the assessment

Program Activities

  • Company Assessment
  • Access to online trainings
  • Agile implementation Plan
  • Coaching Follow-up Sessions

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