Program Objectives

This program aims at advancing the level of scrum masters to be able to lead the agile change and build real agile teams.

The role of the scrum master is misunderstood for a new title of a project manager or coordinator, while this role is extremely important in agile transformations.

Not all companies have the luxury to have an agile expert with their teams or to mentor their scrum masters, and here comes the value of this program.

Program Benefits

Providing practical experience and mentorship to scrum masters to be able to :

  • Understand their role and how to become better at it.
  • Overcome the challenges with team adaptation to agile.
  • Overcome the challenges with management support to agile.
  • Help build their career as scrum master by guiding on the needed certifications.
  • Gain the required knowledge and skills to become a professional scrum master

Topics to be covered

  • Scrum Master Role
  • Team Facilitation
  •  T-shape Skills for a scrum master
  • Human dynamics of a self organizing team.
  • Lean Process Improvement.
  • Stakeholder Management.
  • Agile Project Management


This is a 6 months mentorship program,

it  starts by an assessment for the scrum master ,

and then setting monthly personal goals to work upon to achieve improvement .

Execution is done in Bi-Weekly one-on-one Sessions



750$ for the 6 months program

* fees can vary if the agreed number of sessions varied.

*payment terms and installments can be upon agreement.

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Scrum Master Mentorship