• Self-paced:

This means teams can adopt agile methodologies at their own pace and on their own schedule. This is a great benefit for teams with tight deadlines and no budget to hire consultants.

  • Cost-effective:

A more cost-effective solution for teams who want to adopt agile methodologies but don’t have the budget to hire consultants.

  • Expert guidance:

Although the program is self-paced, it still offers expert guidance and support from experienced agile coaches. This means teams can benefit from the knowledge and experience of experts without the high cost of hiring consultants.

  • Customized approach:

We offer a customized approach that can be tailored to the specific needs of each team. This means teams can focus on the areas of agile adoption that are most relevant to their business and goals.

  • Comprehensive resources:

Our program provides comprehensive resources, including training materials, guides, and templates, that help teams adopt agile methodologies and practices more easily and effectively.


The self-assessment is a great starting point for teams who want to know where they currently stand in terms of agile adoption. It helps teams identify areas of strength and areas for improvement and serves as a baseline for measuring progress throughout the program.

The recommendations and action plan help teams manage the transformation to agile methodologies. This is a critical component of the program, as it provides a roadmap for teams to follow as they adopt agile practices.

Providing online training is a great way to teach teams how to apply agile methodologies and practices in their work. This self-paced approach allows teams to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, which is a great benefit for busy teams.

Follow-up coaching sessions are a great way to provide ongoing support and guidance to teams as they navigate the transformation process. These sessions help teams stay on track and ensure that they are making progress toward their goals.

Offering additional training or coaching sessions upon request is a great way to provide teams with the support they need, when they need it. This allows teams to tailor the program to their specific needs and goals.

Providing access to an agile project management tool is a great way to help teams implement agile methodologies in their work. This tool can help teams manage tasks, collaborate more effectively, and track progress toward their goals. you will receive access to Zoho Sprints for 5 users for 3 months

Overall, these program components offer a comprehensive and effective approach to helping teams adopt agile methodologies. Each component is designed to address a specific aspect of the transformation process .


Basic Package :

  • Self-assessment
  • Recommendations and action plan
  • Access to agile project management tool for 3 users
  • 29$ one-time payment

Available upon request

  • Access to online training and Documentation
  • Follow-up Coaching Sessions
  • Advanced Training / Mentoring Sessions

Pro Package :

  • All in Basic Package
  • Access to online training and documentation
  • One Coaching session
  • $124 one-time payment

Available upon request

  • Follow up Coaching Sessions
  • Advanced Training / Mentoring Sessions

Premium Package  :

  • Everything in the basic package
  • Assigned Agile Coach/Mentor
  • Six Follow-up coaching sessions
  • Three Additional training or coaching sessions
  • $399 one-time payment

Available upon request

  • Follow-up Coaching Sessions
  • Advanced Training / Mentoring Sessions
  • Payment installments available

Get the Self Assessment for FREE


1. Take the self assessment

The program starts with a self-assessment for software teams to gauge their current level of Agile adoption. The user will complete this assessment to understand their strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement.

2. Receive customized action plan

Based on the results of the self-assessment, You will receive a customized action plan to guide them through the Agile adoption process. This plan will include specific steps to take and suggested training materials to help them improve their Agile adoption.

3. Complete online training

Once the customized action plan is in place, you will have access to online training materials that will help them learn how to apply Agile principles and practices in their work. This training may include video tutorials, e-books, or other interactive resources.

4. Schedule follow-up coaching session

To maximize the benifit of the agile adoption , you can schedule a follow-up coaching session with an Agile expert. During this session, the team can ask questions, receive feedback on their progress, and get help with any challenges they may encounter.

5. Request advanced training or coaching

If you need additional support, they can request additional training or coaching sessions as needed. This may include customized training sessions or consulting services.

6. Use Agile project management tool

To support the Agile adoption, You will also have access to an Agile project management tool for up to 5 users. This tool will help them manage their projects and workflows more effectively and efficiently.

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