Succeed in your project with Agile

In order to succeed in delivering projects, you need to make sure that you cover those steps thoroughly

  • Clear Project Goal
  • Clear Priorities for Requirements


  1. Impact analysis
  2. Asking questions 
  3. Technical refinement 
  4. Documentation / User Stories 
  5. Priorities again and again 
  6. Ready Definition 
  1. Task breakdown
  2. Planning /Replanning
  3. Raising risks
  4. Communication
  5. Daily Standups
  6. WIP limit 
  7. Interruptions 
  8. Optimizing the workflow 
  1. The team can track their history of delivery
  2. The team can relate to upcoming projects to old ones

Assess Your Project Status

Stabilize your Success

If you succeed in some projects but others are not, it is time to stabilize your process and standardize it to make sure of the success of all projects

In order to do this you need to follow these steps throughly

Know more about Applied Agile Framework to stabilize your process here

Assess your process