This framework aims at helping startups build their product ,team and process with the less hassle and waste possible.

We mainly focus on providing the knowledge needed for the startup founders in a very customized mode to save time and the waste of wrong trails.

According to the startup stage and founders background, we determine the needed knowledge and practices needed, as well as recommendation from best practices and experiences.

Your Startup Stage

Here all that you need is to decide the correct features for your MVP and find who can help you launch this MVP in the most efficient way
Here is when you start building your product and team, when you need to focus mainly on customer satisfaction and feedback, your main goal here is to launch new features, take feedback and apply those changes as fast as possible
Now you have you need a big team, high-quality products and above all a strategy and roadmap. Integrating this all together is a hard job, we will provide you with knowledge and guidance for help

Coaching and Practical Workshops

A Workshop for assessing the state and needs of a startup to figure out what their strengths and weakness
Guiding Startups through different stages
Coaching Founders for the skills they need to be able to grow their startup through the different stages

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