23 Oct

Slow Steady Changes in Applying Agile – Coaching Experiences Series

Slow Steady Changes in Applying Agile

In this article we will talk about one of the most important lessons in the coaching experience which is the value of applying agile in phases.

The main idea here is considering the agile adoption process itself as an agile project.

Putting the high priority/impact changes first and laying the foundation , and then optimizing the process and stabilizing the culture.

Contrary to the popular belief that Agile Adoption could be done by applying the process in two or three months doing meetings and putting the tools in setup at the beginning and then the team can follow .

I have found that slow but steady mindset, process and tools changes towards agility provide better sustainable results and gives the team the chance to digest the changes , apply it and make mistakes and learn from them .

That’s why we consider the agile adoption process as a long-term journey (around a year) in which we put a plan of implementation month by month and follow up and update this plan as per the achievements and challenges.

But most importantly we have to start with the high impact/high priority changes first – typical agile mindset , and that’s why we need an implementation plan.

You can check the mistakes than happen when not having an implementation plan in this video on our YouTube channel 

In the next article I will explain more about the “Applied Agile Framework” which I use to coach companies and also the different coaching programs I apply with companies.

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